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Dance is an expression of happiness!

Over the years, Maltina Dance All has traveled across the country to Lagos, Benin, Enugu, Jos, Abuja and Owerri, in search of dancers who represent the best in Nigeria with fun and excitement.

Maltina uses this platform to bring families together inspiring happiness through teamwork and special moments that are shared, while allowing these families compete for big cash prizes

This year we have amplified the platform beyond the restrictions of auditions at physical locations. Now anyone, anywhere at any time can record a short video of themselves, upload for online auditioning and get a chance to be on national TV with their families for the Maltina Dance All show! You, your family & friends too can be part of the MDA excitement this year

MDA9 Episode 14 News

Many moments in Maltina Dance All Season 9 are worth an encore. Just in case you missed the memorable moments, we have a whole episode dedicated to taking us back in time to remember those ......

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Grand Finale

Episode 14

Episode 13